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There are Coups for Cleaning Aluminum Window Screens

Feb. 26, 2020

In daily life, in order to resist the invasion of foreign mosquitoes while opening the window for ventilation, ordinary families usually choose window screens with screens when installing aluminum alloy windows. The screens play an important blocking role. However, after a long time of use, the gauze will inevitably be full of dust and water stains. So how should we clean the aluminum alloy screen? custom stainless steel fine mesh supplier to share with you:

Of course, the aluminum alloy window screen can be removed and cleaned. Of course, this screen window is mainly a sliding window or a fixed screen; if it is not easy to remove (such as a hidden screen in a casement window), There is no way to clean it, as long as you have a vacuum cleaner in your home, the problem will be solved.

Push-pull window screens are relatively easy to clean. Just remove the door and window screens to clean and put them on. The hidden screens are not easy to remove. You can directly brush the dust on the screen with a brush, and then use a rag to clean and push the window screen The net is mainly used in plastic steel sliding window or broken bridge aluminum sliding window, and the hidden screen window is mainly used in plastic steel casement window or broken bridge aluminum casement window.

Aluminum Alloy Window Screen

Aluminum Alloy Window Screen

Specific operation method:

1. Spread out the newspaper first, and paste it on the inside of the screen, and fix the edges with transparent glue.

2. Then use the suction head of the vacuum cleaner with a brush to vacuum the outside of the screen.

3. After suctioning, take the newspaper down and paste it on the other side. Repeat the same operation steps again.

4. Afterwards, prepare two wet towels covered with detergent, one to wipe the inside of the screen window and one to wipe the outside of the screen window.

5. After washing the towel with water, repeat the previous action.

According to this method, the aluminum alloy window screen, which was originally full of dust and mud, became as clean as new.

What is the installation method of Aluminum alloy window screen?

The main function of the screen window is "anti-mosquito". The screens now have more tricks than before. With the invisible screens and removable screens, the screens are no longer laboriously removed and removed as before. Magnetic stripe screens, so-called soft magnetic screens are affixed with magnetic strips around the window frame, and magnetic screens are also installed around the screen. Use the screen to the window frame when in use. Take the screen when not in use. Down, this kind of screen window was very popular when it came out a few years ago. Although it is stronger than the invisible screens on the market and has a better seal, it is not convenient for daylighting, and it cannot be folded when stored, which requires a lot of storage space.

Place the magnetic strip (the side without the double-sided adhesive tape) neatly on the window frame, and then cut off the excess magnetic strip. Remove the magnetic stripe paper. Cover the mosquito net neatly from the top to the bottom of the window. Use a razor blade to directly cut the excess net and ensure that the net covers less than the area of the magnetic strip. Remove the paper from the plastic strip and stick the plastic strip to the net against the magnetic strip. Then use a clip to press firmly along the clinker strip for better adhesion. Remove the paper from the corner handle, and then stick it neatly to the four corners of the mosquito window (the liftable corner handle needs to be glued to the lower corner).

Press firmly on the angle handle with your fingers for better adhesion. Place two clips on the aluminum alloy insect screen, two inches from the angle handle. Remove the paper from the clip and stick it to the iron window / iron flower / magnetic strip. 

Press firmly on the clip with your fingers for better adhesion. After the installation is completed, if you want to remove the mosquito net from the window frame, just open the clip with your fingers.


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